Posted by: PP | July 13, 2012

Podcast episode 1 : the podcast thats was 4 months late and failed to record properly

Hi everyone! we are backkkk!!!!! Finally recorded the podcast! FUCK YES AND we are 4 months over due to the 1st episode as well.. T__T. So for the listeners(if any) out there, thanks for being so patient! Slowly but surely we will get this podcast swinging into full motion. For now, enjoy the new episode of “Please tell me that awesome hour of awesome isn’t the real name” or “Please don’t tell me that awesome hour of awesome is the real name”, whichever you dig.

Note : the recording got fucked up around the 41-ish minute mark so I inserted in a song instead. Yes it is fucking weird without a proper closing but we have already recorded for 1.5 hours and losing that much recording really isn’t funny. So we decided to make do with what we have and we hope you can forgive us. We will try a better job next episode.

This podcast is recorded on Thursday 12th July 2012 (DMC’s side) but it is actually the Friday 13th July 2012 (PP’s side). This podcast is NOT sponsored by anyone BUT we would like you to donate some money to us if you liked our podcast. However, donations page will not be up that soon yet because we procrastinate.



Play Length : 44.38 mins
File size : 10.2 mb

Direct link to download (Mediafire)

Direct link to download (Posterous)

Show notes :

So yeah, finally we are actually doing show notes! But then again I highly doubt we will be that on-the-ball for the show notes stuff. I mean our podcast really is random. For those links that we missed out, sorry i guess?. Not like there’s anything important anyways!

You should watch this AV-actress turned mainstream actress : 下北 GLORY DAYS

The super sentai that we talked about :

The Kamen Rider that we talked about :
Akb48 fans, you guys are crazy | AKB48 : magazine covers
Fuck you all for hating SDN48
I guess this part isn’t recorded but we did talked about it.

Killer 7 :

The Five Deadly Venoms : :

watch it here :

The Wizard 

DMC recommends you NOT to watch this Fucking boring show :

oh, I was talking about this bike , Honda DN-1 , which KR decade’s bike was based on. Looks really comfortable right?


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