Posted by: dmc999 | March 8, 2012

Podcast episode 0: Life, the Universe, and Anime-Based Video Games

Recorded on Saturday, March 3 and finally did some edit and uploaded about a week later! here’s episode 0 of Please Tell Me That “Awesome Hour of Awesome” Isn’t the Name, titled “Life, the Universe, and Anime-Based Video Games”. Because neither PP nor I had any real idea how to edit this thing, it’s just shy of 2 hours long, but we promise that future episodes will be much briefer. Also, we were both drunk for the entirety of this recording.

Hope you enjoy it, and come back in another 2 weeks for the excitement of episode 1! Which will also be recorded drunk, because that’s just how we roll.

Host 1 : posterous″

Host 2 : Mediafire″

Host 3 :″

Direct link to download (mediafire)

Direct link to download (posterous)

Running time : 1 hr 54 mins

Size : 30Mb

Show notes : To be updated at some point.


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